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Auto Response SMS

SMS auto-responders are simple text message interactions between you and your existing and potential clients. SMS auto-responders are an effective way to deliver any news, updates, promotions and alerts to targeted audience for any kind of business. It is a super easy and effective way to build a potential database, generate leads and finally convert to sales. By having customers mobile opt-in list, you can constantly keep in touch with your audience by sending them updates, news, promotions, notifications and engage them in interactive and creative messaging campaigns.

Usually with an auto response set-up, people are invited to send a text message with a keyword to a short code (example: 44433). Once they text in the keyword, they will receive an auto-responder with a welcome message, call to action or alert about your brand, service or any communication you’d like to have with your current and potential clients. By utilizing auto-responders in your Text-To-Join SMS marketing campaigns, you will be able to build a database of subscribers, and later target them with promotions or special alerts about events, emergency occasions, etc. Majority of SMSBrix’s clients use the auto-responder (SMS and MMS) or auto replies for their “Text-to-enter” messaging campaigns to collect phone numbers and thus generate leads for future.

A quick example of how this works-

Say we choose a keyword ‘NewCAR’ – This keyword is ideal for a company launching a new car. They can have posters and other advertising campaigns across the city or even use social media to tell customers to text NewCAR to 44433 in case they would like to enter a lucky draw or receive guaranteed discounts exclusively given to people who text in. When they do, they will get a message like, "Welcome to our XYZ Motors New Car program. More info on the lucky draw and discounts from XYZ Motors will soon be coming your way! Reply STOP to end." This way they will actually build a high probability database of mobile numbers who are interested in a new car. Further promotions and updates will help them convert a percentage of this target audience into actual purchases.

Our customers have been using auto-responders for years now because they have found huge growth and have had a good ROI. It's easy and quick to setup. Just pick a keyword, matching your brand or company name, and set a text message as the auto-reply. Once set up with your SMSBRix account, everything goes on auto pilot. The system automatically captures details and engages the users. SMSBrix’s Auto Response automatically sends a response to contacts that opt-in to your mobile keywords. But we go beyond simple auto responses by offering dynamic and automated features that do more than just send a static message.