2-Way Messaging is a system that incorporates both outbound and inbound SMS into one fully-featured service. By using a dedicated number, a 2-Way SMS user can send and receive SMS through a web messaging platform by using complete solutions or APIs. Two-way SMS or Inboxing SMS is an efficient way to interact with your audiences. Unlike regular bulk SMS services, 2-way SMS lets your

existing subscribers and potential customers to reply to your campaigns or start a conversation. You can access this information directly in your SMSBRIX user account inbox and reply as per convenience. This feature is very popular with businesses and brands that want their customers to respond. The inboxing facility allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. You can modify/alter or delete these received messages as per your need.

For example, instead of making calls or asking to fill cumbersome questionnaires, companies can ask for feedback directly via SMS and also reply to same. All one has to do is send the SMS and ask for a quick review or rating. It’s a great way to improve customer satisfaction.

Why does a business need two-way messaging?

  • Boost customer interactions by gathering customer information through campaigns, surveys etc.
  • P2P communication advantage which allows users to chat via text messages while keeping their phone numbers anonymous. Helpful for social websites like group chat, car share apps, dating apps, etc.
  • Build Recognition and Brand Recall with a dedicated number that becomes the single point of contact.
  • Easy to communicate with your customers, understand their preferences.
  • A great customer servicing tool to help your customers reach you instantly.

Applications of Two-Way SMS

  • Transaction Verification
  • Surveys and Polling
  • Text Message Auto responder
  • Product Feedback
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customer servicing
  • Brand Promotion

SMSBrix Inboxing SMS Advantages

  • Multilingual message transfer
    Broaden user readability with multilingual message communication supported through Unicode.
  • Cross functional use
    Expand your horizon with two-way messaging with no additional applications or software.
  • Reach and Connectivity
    Widen your reach with one of the most globally efficient messaging technologies at an economically competent rate.