One-time password, commonly known as OTP SMS is essentially an innovative security protocol where a password is generated for single use and sent to the registered mobile of the users, which facilitates authentication and access. A one-time password (OTP) is a watchword that is legitimate for one and only login session or transaction, on a PC framework or other digital gadget. It is one of the safest security protocols employed by various industries (including banking and ecommerce) to deal with financial transactions and data safety. Using OTP mechanism to provide access to users, a site improves its security significantly and reduces the prevalent cyber risks of phishing and online thefts. OTP uses a two-factor authentication SMS mechanism which further assures you to protect the digital identity of end users.

Being a leading OTP SMS provider in Myanmar, SMSBRIX offers a business with the best OTP SMS services that are built on secure and robust platforms. Our platform generates OTP SMS that is tied to specific users which can be used for one-time login only. Our OTP SMS gateway assures that the OTP will reach the customers immediately without any delay. Plus, we also ensure that the data of your customers is always safe with our two-factor authentication. You will also be able to track the delivery of the OTP SMS and have 24x7 support from our helpline.

SMSBrix OTP Features

  • OTP SMS Route
  • Super High Priority Gateway
  • Template based only
  • Static Alpha Sender ID
  • 24 x 7 Delivery

SMSBrix Inboxing SMS Advantages

  • OTP’s are widely used to check the authenticity of data provided by the users on account activation and similar activities.
  • OTP verification can help verify the mobile numbers added by your customers in your website.
  • The procedure of accepting payments on a third party can become hassle-free with minimum risk.
  • OTP is also very useful when it comes to validating the user registration requests