Transactional SMS as the name suggests, is meant for Transactional functioning of a business. They have a different purpose from that of Promotional SMS. Transactional SMSs are specifically for sending important alerts, information and service messages to your customers and not for promotion. With Transactional SMSs you can send confidential, critical, generic or any other type of information. Despite of being non-promotional in nature, these messages help the businesses stay connected with their customers and build trust by regularly informing and updating, which makes the customer feel valuable. The transactional bulk SMS service is often regarded as one of the most efficient channels to interact with your customers directly.

Most businesses have come to rely on transactional SMSs as part of their routine functioning because they are instant, reliable, cost-effective and fit for their purpose of keeping customer in loop. With the help of transactional bulk SMS service, you can easily send messages in bulk to a small as well as large number of recipients to inform them about the status of their latest transaction from your company. Whether it is an OTP message, confirmation message for successful payment or product delivered message, sending transactional bulk SMS is the best way to keep your customers informed at all times and maintain trust. For example, a customer just purchased something online and receives an instant message with order number on purchase “Your order has been received and is getting ready to be shipped”. This immediately strengthens the consumer’s trust in the company and is a proof of the deal being through.


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