Promotional SMS has become the new formula of target marketing which has proven highly effective in promoting good and services in today’s mobile obsessed world. It is one of the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective tools for instant marketing that grabs the customer’s attention and also evokes response. Studies have proven that 98% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes of their arrival. With the help of Bulk Promotional SMS services, one can promote brands, update information and provide any other details to clients at large with a single click. The Promotional Bulk SMS service can work extremely well in generating new leads and boost your sales.

A business can easily create an affordable strategy with promotional SMS to acquire new customers through segmented databases and reach the desired demographic. It is a one of the greatest and most effective tool for cross-selling and reselling that lets a business repeatedly generate sales from existing customers. For instance, if a retail business is about to start its yearly sale, a quick promotional SMS reminding customers of the dates will witness a huge boost in footfall as opposed to relying just on traditional marketing methods. At SMSBRIX, we have created agile and robust software which makes it possible for any business or person to send Bulk promotional SMS to multiple users in a moment’s time with easy-to-use interface and flexibility of location or device. We provide you with a convenient option to always stay in touch with your customers without burning a hole in your pocket. Our prices are very competitive and you can choose your own package. Our SMS serves are highly capable and advanced to withhold heavy loads with minimum downtime, making sure no client loses his valuable time or data.


It is very easy way to send the Text SMS. There is no need to have technical knowledge. We offers single click SMS delivery to thousands of numbers.


We provide 24/7/365 days support via email, phone & live chat. Our dedicated & professional support team can resolve any kind of issue in minimum time period.


You can create multiple sender id that reflect your brand and you can easily manage all things in one panel. It gives ease of access.


We provide you real time reports, the system will update you all reports as per messages processed. You can track the progress of your SMS campaign in real time.


Sms Panel and Sms Validity Should be Unlimited there is not limit time to use.


We provide lightning fast delivery. One can send 1.2 million + SMS in a single minute. Our powerful software offers fast delivery to all networks across the world.