In order for users to receive timely information regarding their activities or transactions, Notification SMS services are widely utilized by businesses and other organizations like the Government. With the SMSBrix API, you can send SMS notifications or alerts to your users from multiple platforms like your web or mobile application. Apart from sending information, SMS Notifications are often used as a marketing tool to increase the number of returning visitors. These SMS alerts have also been found very useful for organization and public safety purposes.

An SMS text notification is delivered straight into the user’s inbox. It may or may not show up as a push notification, depending on the settings of the user. Because of the astounding open and response rates of text messages, using SMS as a channel for notifications is a highly rewarding option. Since SMS alerts go directly to hand held mobiles, businesses don't have to rely on people checking in on a site, app, dashboard or other channels to keep apprised of events, or changes to plans. For marketing purposes, SMS notifications increase the stickiness and interaction of your site for opted-in customers. Whether notifying people of sales and providing coupons, keeping the conversation going on social networks, or directing people to a retail store, SMS notifications are the unmatched secret weapon for your business's engagement.


Alerts or notifications through SMS help the public at large in times of emergency like a fire or bad weather. These can be used for cities, colleges, universities and even in large offices.


IT Monitoring systems, web hosting companies, server providers etc can seamlessly integrate monitoring tools to send alerts to your IT team and escalate issues to the correct person.


Every user needs to know about transactions they carry online or offline through digital modes.


These days, social sites are making use of customer data and notifying users of when something of interest to the user in nearby


Notification SMS in these cases inform your users when their ride or taxi is arriving and also in some cases let them communicate to drivers via masked SMS text messages.


Send users app download links directly to their mobile phones and allow existing users to invite their friends via SMS. Users: mobile apps developers, new feature or product releases, etc.