As more brands and companies are realizing the power of targeting customers on the move, text SMS has become an indispensible medium for effective multi-channel marketing. Our affordable SMSBrix software will help you integrate the companies SMS marketing efforts with easy to customize options and effectively increase your marketing ROI. There is wide misconception amongst businesses that mobile marketing requires a lot of investment for setup, tools and maintenance. In reality, accessing mobile marketing techniques is fast, easy and totally customizable. Programs like SMSBrix let you channelize your mobile marketing efforts by leveraging standard and flexible protocols like SMPP.

What is SMPP Gateway?

SMPP is an open standard industry messaging protocol designed to remove complexities from integration of all data applications with wireless mobile networks/operators such as CDMA, TDMA, GSM and PDC. This protocol is widely applied in the mobile and telecommunications industry.

Benefits of SMPP Integration

Scalable and Flexible SMPP is a tremendously scalable Store and Forward Platform for Operators and SMS Aggregators. The architecture provides high performance throughput per Server and provides seamless scalability both vertically and horizontally.

Versatile Application

This API can be used to send all kinds of SMS types, including ordinary text, binary, and Unicode messages. You can also download SMPP account delivery report.

Universal Applicability

The SMPP protocol uses client-server application which is successfully tested all over the globe.


It has the elasticity to set up Custom senders and also White-Label as per domain.

Live Reporting

Enables live delivery reports of campaigns sent through SMPP gateway or server.